What we are doing in 2020

The Christchurch earthquakes, especially the loss of lives at Durham Street Methodist Church on the 21st February 2011, affected and changed peoples approach to risk.  MCNZ brought in a ruling that all their churches and buildings should attain a high level of safety for all users, higher than the minimum set by the New Zealand Government.

Here at Trinity, following engineering assessments, the first stage entailed an initial decision to close and demolish the 1928 two storey brick and concrete Sunday School hall at the rear of the property.  At the same time, earthquake

strengthening work was carried out to two adjoining pre-1931 shops that we own, along with improvements to our car-parks. 

The second stage was how to bring the Church up to the MCNZ minimum requirement of 67% of the building code.  It was felt that while carrying out work to the church, this would be a suitable time to do something with our current lounge area which is our main community space.

After a lot of further investigation work done by Engineers, along with ideas and wishes from the congregation, 2020 is the year we bring it all together.


Following much learning and investigation by our engineers, the only structural work required to bring the Church up to the 67% requirement is some work on the foundations to the buttresses and a small bit of bracing under the church floor.  Though differently built to modern buildings, carpenters knew how to build churches well in 1876. The structural work has meant that certain unavoidable extra work needs to be carried out.  One of these jobs will result in the much longed for accessible toilet in the foyer.

We have also at this time decided to redesign the office and lounge area to make it more comfortable and functional for our community users.  This redesign also will remove many of the leaks that existed in the roof.

Due to COVID-19, our congregation has been unable to meet.  This has meant they have not seen what has been happening inside the church. 

Here are some before photos, along with some construction photos.  We will be updating these progressively, now construction has restarted, so all can see the good work that is going on. (Please note any photo's with more than one person was pre COVID-19.) 


We are now back in the Church. With our pews on wheels, we have been able to easily move the pews about to make safe social distancing when required.


Lounge, Office, Kitchen

The construction team has now moved onto the back of the site where the lounge & office were demolished. The toilet block has been kept. The old foot print has been squared up. This will allow for a kitchen to go in from the old glass coverway, out to the main carpark. Access from the car park will be from a ramp, no more steep steps. 

On the side facing Clive Square, this too has been squared up with a second lounge facing Clive Square and step access from this side. The old flower room, hallway & office have switched about and now include an office, accessible bathroom and a wider welcoming hallway.


All visitors are welcome to our historic church in Napier's central city.

Weekly Sunday services at 10am.

Jazz Vespers - 3rd Sunday of month, Nov to April. 



32 Clive Square East, Napier

Postal address: P O Box 4088, Marewa, Napier 4143, New Zealand)

Phone: 06-835 8163



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