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Trinity Music Vespers and Events @Trinity

Join us for Trinity Music Vespers!

Trinity Music Vespers, previously known as "Jazz Vespers", has changed it's name to open up a chance to include more themes and a open the doors for more people to join us. The evenings are not completely a worship service and not completely a performance. It borrows elements from both of those things, offering opportunity for reflection through the notes of music and verse. At its core what Vespers really offers is reflection through music.


Summer Sunday evenings – 7pm at Trinity 

Third Sunday of each month from October until April.

The service is led by local musicians and our lay preachers or Minister.

With different guest performers joining us for specific services. 

All musicians volunteer their time and talents to make these Vespers possible.

A free event – with an opportunity to make a koha/donation. 

Donations are shared with local charities specific the Methodist Church objective of "Let the children live", over $10,000 to date


2012/2013 Season raised $1,200 for the Napier Family Centre

2013/2014 $2,350 raised for the Napier Family Centre and the Napier Women's Refuge

2014/2015 $1,400 raised for the Napier Women's Refuge and Hawkes Bay Youth Diabetes.

2015/2016/2017 $3,400 raised for Napier Women's Refuge, Hawkes Bay Youth Diabetes and

                                                   Hawkes Bay Youth Health Trust (Directions)

2017/2018 $2,000 raised for Hawkes Bay Teenage Parents Trust

                                                   (William College School for Teenage Parents)

2018/2019 season raised $2090.40 Childcare services at Napier Family Centre and 

                                                    William Colenso School for Teenage Parents.

Find our more about Trinity Music Vespers @ Trinity on our Facebook Page.

Read more about Trinity Music Vespers here

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Other Events @Trinity


Art Deco Weekend


Art Deco Weekend is a special festival in Napier to celebrate the Art Deco Era, and commemorate the city rebuilt in Art Deco style after the devastating 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake.

Our 10am worship will be themed to celebrate the era. As with the whole of the weekend, wear your Art Deco outfit to church - an era when there we would wear our "Sunday Best".

In the evening, we have our Trinity Music Vespers Service, at 7pm. 


Taize Vespers @ St Paul's 
3rd Sunday of the month, 7pm, from May to September

Each year, as a partner to our Summer Series of Jazz Vespers, St Paul's Presbyterian Church (Tennyson Street) are hosting Taize Vespers on the 3rd Sunday of the month, at 7pm.


This service is a time of quiet worship through singing, silence and prayer - based on Taize music.

Worship in the style of Taizé is simple – candles to light the darkness, simple, chanted songs with instrumental accompaniment to settle the spirit, silent prayer to refresh the soul.


Come in, sit down, on a pew or a chair or a cushion. Sing as much or as little as you like. Let the spirit and the space surround you. The Taizé community is an ecumenical community in the south of France, where people of all ages and all denominations from all over the world gather to eat and pray together and discover a sense of kindness, simplicity and belonging. As part of our ecumenical relationship through the Napier Inner-City Churches Covenant, we share in this service.

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