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What's Happened

Tongan Volcanic Eruption & Tsunami - January 2022
Our Tongan families were very concerned when the events unfolded back in Tonga. All families were affected so they decided to do something. The small congregation decided to send a full container back to Tonga to help support their families.
This is their story. 
Touchstone Magazine August 2022, page 2
Cyclone Gabrielle - February 2023
This cyclone has caused wide spread damage through the Hawkes Bay & surrounding provinces.
Our Tongan & Fijian congregations have grown with the arrival of the RSE (Recognised Seasonal Workers) for the 2022-2023 season.
Hundreds of stories have been heard since communications & power have been returned to the Hawkes Bay
This is the story of the Tongan RSE's & the assistance given to them by the Tongan congregation 
Touchstone Magazine March 2023, Front page
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